Review – Institut Arnaud & Lange Paris


In the avalanche of products from around the globe, one country’s contribution to skin care really stands out for me and that is France. I’ve been trying to organise a weekend in Paris for the past two years (don’t ask…) just so I can hit the French pharmacies and go completely berserk.

My introduction to French skin care came five years ago via Avene when I was searching for help with sudden facial skin sensitivity and redness. Their anti-redness cream and the Eau Thermale water spray has been a staple in my bathroom cabinet ever since. Other brands I use and love are Payot, Garancia and Caudalie.

My latest finds are Institut Arnaud and Langé Paris. January’s cold, dry weather has affected my skin more than usual so I was looking for a richer serum and moisturiser without any greasy or heavy feel. Institut Arnaud’s Hydra Absolu replumping serum is different to any other serum I have used. It moisturises and brightens with vitamins C and E, barley extract and potassium. I never thought of potassium as a skin care ingredient, but it works beautifully to hydrate. The brightening effect makes it great to use on its own on days when I feel I don’t need more than a serum. The hydrating effect was almost immediate and it lasts too. I feel the fine lines I have are less noticeable, and a deeper one developing on my jaw (on the side I sleep on….take heed side sleepers!), is also less pronounced.


Onto Langé Paris nourishing & moisturising night cream. I use this day and night. I’m like that and will happily use a cream regardless of time of day. This stuff is lovely with an almost mousse-like texture with just enough density that you have to spend just a little more time massaging it in. This is a good thing, since facial massage combined with good product does all sorts of nice for your skin. Brown algae extract (aids collagen production), green tea extract (an anti-oxidant) and a silicone derivative (dimethicone? It doesn’t say), are the active ingredients in this lovely cream.

Where I’ve been noticing a difference here is on my neck. I’ve long been in the habit of taking cleansers, serums and moisturisers down my neck and along my collar bones. However you eventually get to the age where time is going to start showing regardless. I think this cream has turned the clock back a little by helping restore some firmness from chin to the base of my neck.

Both the serum and night cream are on my Buy Again list. I love it when you find something that really works for you. Have you got any favourite French skin care brands?