Review – No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum


I have been a dedicated user of No7’s Lift & Luminate day cream for a long time. I love how fresh and awake my complexion looks and feels with it. A moisturiser that firms and adds that subtle glow is a staple in my skincare stash. Moreso as I get older and  don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to from skin stresses like poor sleep or a bout of illness.

However, I was never too enthused about the original L&L serum, feeling that Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced serum was superior. So when No7 announced the launch of triple action serum for Lift & Luminate, I was curious. The serum is formulated with No7’s own anti-wrinkle peptide technology. An advanced firming complex containing hyaluronic acid, hibiscus and a unique pigmentation complex containing vitamin C. It promises to;

  1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  2. Make skin feels firmer
  3. Help even skin tone

No7 promises to deliver visible results in only two weeks with the new serum, a pretty bold claim. I’m going to be using twice a day for the next fourteen days and will let you know my results.

The video is of Italian ballerina Alessandra Ferri, who at 52 is still on her toes, and is the very beautiful and talented face of Lift & Luminate’s new serum.

“I used to compare myself to my younger self, but now I don’t. I don’t compete. I live in the present. I’m proud of what I’ve done and who I was when I was younger, but I’m also proud of what I’m doing now and who I am now.”

I really like that statement. Rather than looking back and feeling sad that you aren’t the younger woman you once were, you look forward, to new experiences and take pride in who you are now.

No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action serum launched on April 13th. RRP £27.00


*PR sample provided for an unbiased trial.