Review – Age Perfect by L’Oreal

I’ve used L’Oreal’s hair and cosmetic products for years, but have barely looked at the brand’s skin care. I think that is because I am generally more focused on the organic and French pharmacy brands. Skin care products also tend to evolve much more slowly than the cosmetic market. You don’t see something new in skin unless a brand has something really interesting or innovative to launch.

L’Oreal’s Age Perfect has been around a long time, but until now it didn’t jump out at me. A couple of things have happened to change that. One; the brand’s advertising is actually using women (Helen Mirren, 71 and Andie MacDowell, 58) who are in the age range they are targeting. It used to irritate the hell out me seeing “anti-ageing” products featuring a model who looked barely in her early twenties. Two; that horrible term “anti-ageing” isn’t anywhere to be seen. See the Age Perfect website.

Those two things made me more curious about Age Perfect and I decided to give the new Age Perfect face, neck & decollate moisturiser a try. I picked it up in-store for half price at Superdrug, but even at full price, its very affordable. I was really surprised at how good this little 50 ml pump bottle is. For starters its not too heavy. In the past its been my experience that skin care aimed at “mature” skin made the assumption that the skin is also very dry. Hence the product is far too heavy and/or just plain greasy. The face, neck & decollate cream is just right and my skin feels really good in it. The only improvement I would suggest is a higher SPF than the standard SPF 15 in it now.

The Age Perfect micellar water has knocked the spots (no pun intended) off the Garnier micellar water I normally buy. It removes eye make up much easier and more thoroughly and my skin just feels softer and plumper afterwards.

Age Perfect Rosy Glow mask is a leave on mask that you can use nightly or as a treatment two or three times a week. I saw the “rosy” bit and thought, I don’t need something that is going to make my skin any more red than it tends to get these days. “Farmer Fred’s wife’s face” I call it.  However it doesn’t do that at all. Instead it intensely hydrates my skin and gives that nice, refreshed look and feel that says “skip the foundation today.” I had a cold the week I was trying the mask and it went a long way to helping me look better than I felt.

I’m really pleased to have found another brand that seems to respect my point of view when it comes to appearance. Age Perfect offers good quality, reasonably priced skin care that promises to care for the skin you are already in and doesn’t try to convince you that what you have now isn’t enough. I like that.

* Age Perfect micellar water and Rosy Glow mask were PR samples sent for a no-obligation review.