L’Oreal Age Perfect Makeup

I have had the pleasure of trying more from L’Oreal’s Age Perfect range of products. I did a post HERE about some of the Age Perfect skincare.  This time I have the Age Perfect Radiant foundation and concealer and the Age Perfect Lash Magnifier mascara and brow magnifier two-in-one brow pencil.

I’m not a regular foundation user and I’m super picky about both formulation and colour. A light to medium coverage and zero yellow cast to the colour are musts for me. My skin is warmer at the moment because of the season, but still needs some concealing. I need it more around my nose and mouth, less around the eyes.

The Age Perfect Radiance concealer is meant to be used under the eyes as the texture will attest. It isn’t runny, but doesn’t have the thicker texture of some concealers. I like the coverage both over foundation and on its own. Doesn’t seem to settle into lines. There are three shades; I have 01 Light. Perhaps its my skin tone, but there is a yellow cast to it that would put me off purchasing it.

The foundation is also a lightweight formula giving medium coverage. It is designed to help firm the skin, blur imperfections and give a “luminous” finish. Nice pump bottle with a cap. I wish all the brands would drop open bottles and switch to either tubes or pumps, so well done L’Oreal for that. There are ten shades available; I have colour 130 Golden Ivory. Its not quite right for my skin tone at the moment, but I can see it working well once my light tan has faded in the Autumn. I compared it to my usual foundation, Estee Lauder DW Light Intensity 01, and the Radiant foundation is a touch warmer which I think will look great in the colder months.  Unlike the concealer, I didn’t detect any yellow cast from it, so bonus!

Onto my one of my cosmetic favourites, mascara (that and lip colour; you can NEVER have enough!).

I prefer a brown or brown/black mascara for day to day wear. I have black, but tend to save it for occasions or going out in the evening. The Age Perfect Lash Magnifier mascara is really nice. The brush is just round enough to give you one-coat coverage and the formula goes on smoothly with no clumping and no flaking off later. Its pretty full on in that I would advise using a light hand for the first coat as you may find its enough. Two coats and you have a proper false lash effect, which is flattering of course, but you may not want that depending on your mood or the time of day.  A nice brown mascara is hard to get (that and a true Navy) and while this one is more on the brown/black side, it is more brown than you usually find.

I have L’Oreal’s Brow Artist two in one pencil which I like, but I think the Age Perfect one works better for me. The brush is bigger and softer than Brow Artist. The colour is softer as well. The Brow Artist pencil is 103 Warm Blonde, but as you can see from the pic below, it is dark. The Age Perfect pencil I chose is 02 Ash Blond.

The verdict: some nice additions to the Age Perfect range of products. I like how the brand is presented to women sans the usual “anti-ageing” speil. “Don’t Hide Your Age, Celebrate It” is the slogan and I couldn’t agree more.



* products kindly sent by L’Oreal for a no obligation trial and review