In November

New month, nearly half over, and what is left of Halloween is sitting amongst the wildflowers in the backyard and looking quite pleased about slowly rotting away.



We have had at least two hard frosts this month, so I’m amazed that the wildflowers are still blooming. I planted them late in the Summer this year, so I didn’t think I would see them until next year. It was a nice surprise to see them appear last month. I”m hoping they will come back next Summer as well.

Canadian poet, writer, song writer and novelist Leonard Cohen died today. My favourite line of his is “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Too many of the world’s lights have been extinguished lately.


I’m avoiding much involvement in the U.S. election fall out. Suffice to say a big dose of humour is in order. I found this around and about and it made me smile. It represents all the U.S. presidents to now, in case you needed the explanation.


While the Christmas retail madness is out of the starting gate, don’t forget to take time to remember the people, past and present, who make our over-indulged life possible.