Review – Artisan Body Oils from Bodhi & Birch


The word “artisan” gets thrown around a lot these days. Its a handy marketing buzzword and the context its used in may not always reflect its meaning. However “artisan” is most definitely the noun to use when describing British eco-luxury brand Bodhi & Birch’s new Body Oil collection.

Launching September 21st, this aromatic trio of organic body oils is a treat for the mind as well as the body. Earlier this year, I had the good fortune of being on the panel of volunteer human testers. I was able to trial all three body oils and boy, was it hard to keep quiet about them!

This Summer, I had a chat with Bodhi & Birch founder Elijah Choo, about the new body oils and his thinking behind them. He said;

“I’m nudging the brand back on course, towards artisanal product lines. Trends come and go. I’m in this for the long run and investing in quality products that resist the fashion of the time.”

There are three body oils in the collection – Sicilian Rose (my personal favourite), Nordic White (my husband loved this one) and Chinois Blue.

Sicilian Rose is inspired by the elusive lemon scented rose on the island of Sicily. Lemon, verbena, rose and geranium are blended with a sprinkling of pink pepper on a dry base of Ho Wood. My body skin is quite dry and I find a good oil remedies that better than any lotion, cream or body butter. The scent, to my nose, is almost entirely rose. And not that overpowering rose that you find in so many commercially made products. This is gentle, soothing and would be perfect to smooth over the skin after a night time bath or shower, easing you into sleep.

Nordic White came about as a result of a trip Elijah took to Sweden. Evoking the forests, lakes and mountains of the country, the oil is a curative tonic of spruce, cypress and pine combined with sweet fennel and frankincense. This was my second choice and the one my husband preferred. I wouldn’t say it was a masculine blend, because it certainly isn’t, but this is a blend to alleviate both physical and mental fatigue. The woody oils invigorate while fennel and frankincense calm and clarify the mind.

Chinois Blue is inspired by the 18th century French Chinoiserie, which is the European interpretation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions. This very Oriental scent is a exotic blend of hyacinth and honeysuckle tempered with blue tansy and ginger. Gingerlilly, pomegranate and valerian finish this unique body oil. I can’t say I have come across anything that smells quite like it. If you are a fan of this warm, sensual fragrance genre, you are going to love Chinois Blue.

The base of the oils are formulated to nourish, protect and rejuvenate the skin and all three are made with 100% botanicals and handcrafted in micro batches to ensure the utmost quality. The oils come in sleek glass bottles with pump dispensers. RRP £42.00 and available now on the Bodhi & Birch website and at select retailers.



Bodhi & Birch products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, silicone, carbomer, acrylic-polymers and do not contain synthetic colours, fragrances, animal ingredients or palm oil. All ingredients are ethically sourced from sustainable origins. Bodhi & Birch does not condone animal testing. All products are tested on and evaluated by human guinea pigs ….. sign me up for the next panel! 

Header courtesy of Bodhi & Birch