Summer Arrives

The Summer solstice has arrived and we have been enjoying a rare spell of proper Summer weather. Hot, sunny, perfect to start the rest of my sunflowers towards blooming. Although you’d think it was an apocalyptical event if you believe the National Enquirer style reporting by the British press;

Just one example of factual, unbiased British journalism *insert roll eyes here*

A few dry, sunny days and you would think it was Phoenix, Arizona …… now those folks know a thing or to about heatwaves. Its back to the usual dull and damp skies later this week.

Never mind, I found some inspiring images of Stonehenge this morning. Lots of people go there during the Solstice to welcome the new season. A reminder that despite the conflict and turmoil our species are perpetually generating, the Universe continues to unfold as it has since time began.


A reminder that we really don’t count for much in The Big Picture ……..