Bicycle Days

For my birthday last month, my hubby bought me  a heritage style bike. I have  been after one of these for ages and I’m excited to start cycling around town in comfort and style. Its an authentic Dawes “Duchess” model in metallic blue with a double basket and a seat made to cushion my middle aged backside. Dawes are based in Birmingham, England and have been making bikes since 1929.


Since I haven’t been on a bike in years, it made sense to put comfort first. My “ten speed with a seat like a brick wedge” days are long gone. Those things weren’t comfortable even when I was twenty years younger and twenty pounds lighter!

Its true, the old saying “you never forget”. You don’t, you just have to overcome decades of food, booze and cigarettes (if your a smoker. Thankfully I quit years ago). It became easier quicker than I thought and now I really look forward to getting out for half an hour every day. Blows the old cobwebs away and feels good.

As they say here in England, “on yer bike”!


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