New Movie Picks

I’m going to start by saying that I feel like most of what comes out of the film industry lately is total crap. Perhaps I’m too old now to appreciate the dumbed down themes, who knows. Its like Hollywood is devolving along with the rest of society. Ok, miserable old bat rant over. Once in a while though, I spot one or two films that get my attention.

A Quiet Passion is about the 19th century poet Emily Dickinson. Although well known now, it wasn’t until after her death in 1886 that the huge volume of her poems were discovered. It was another 70 years before  a complete and largely unaltered collection of her poetry was published. Atypically of her time and social standing, Dickinson never married and from adulthood onwards, was a recluse. She is played by Cynthia Nixon (Miranda of SATC) and from the trailer, I can’t think of another actress who would have done the role more justice. Not your usual period costume movie I think. I’m still trying to find out when or even if it will be showing here in the U.K.

Next is another period film, but a very dark one; Lady MacBeth. In theatres here in April, I saw it summed up as “Alfred Hitchcock directs Wuthering Heights”. If you are a fan of either, I bet you could appreciate this movie. Played by British actress Florence Pugh, Katherine is a young woman married off (sold is the word used) to a cold, domineering older man and is isolated on his country estate. She begins an affair with a young man who works on her husband’s land and it is this affair that leads to murder. The movie is apparently an adaptation of a 19th century Russian novel called “Lady MacBeth of Mtsensk District” which itself was inspired by Shakespeare’s “MacBeth”. I always thought Wuthering Heights was really twisted with its central theme of obsession and class hatred and Lady MacBeth looks equally disturbing.

Have you seen any good films lately?


5 thoughts on “New Movie Picks

  1. They both look really good! Since the youngest moved away I no longer have a movie partner to go with and haven’t seen anything since February! I just need to start going by myself. I don’t really mind, but I just never seem to do it. Does your OH like movies? Mine doesn’t. 🙂


  2. Both films have many strong points, but also limitations. A Quiet Passion is an excellent bio-pic of an iconic poet, and Lady Macbeth is a beautifully filmed but shallow adaptation of the Russian novel. Both films offer visual pleasure and are part of the current wave of period dramas.


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