Accessories – The Snood

I love scarves. All sorts; knitted, silk, nylon, mixed fabric, you name it, and I have quite a collection now. Some were my late mother’s and the fact that they have stood up to so many decades of washing and wearing is testament to the quality of the time. I now have two scarves from the French beauty box, My Little Box. While I’m not currently subscribing, I do keep a look out for their accessories via eBay as they tend to be good quality and bit different from the usual.

My latest find is this cosy blue patterned snood which was part of the January 2017 Fresh Start box. Its lightweight, chiffon-like material, perfect for the in-between months when its warm in the sun, cold in the shade. Its surprisingly warm for such a light fabric and sits nicely over a sweater or coat.


Tres belle! Have you got an accessory favourite?




2 thoughts on “Accessories – The Snood

  1. I always thought a snood was a covering you put over your hair bun! Wow, am I ever out of touch. That’s a great scarf – looks wonderful with the pink! I like those kind too – no loose ends to get tangled up in anything. 🙂


    • Your right Lynne. A snood is also that “hair bag” as I used to call them. I’ve seen examples of really gorgeous ones from the 15th and 16th centuries. Tiny pearls sewn into them, the material is baby fine.


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