Review – Fitness and Comfort with Skechers

I’m not naturally inclined towards exercise and until I was in my late thirties, it wasn’t something I had to even think about. Diet and exercise were other people’s problems.

Over my forties and now into my fifties, I have had to step in where Nature used to do the work for me. I have tried a variety of activities aimed at keeping me reasonably fit, but walking is the one I keep going back to. Its so easy to do and costs nothing more than a good pair of walking shoes and your off.

However once I got past 55, I developed mild arthritis in my feet and hips. The inability to find a really supportive pair of sneakers that didn’t look totally Old Lady added to my frustration. I had seen the Skechers Go Walk ads on tv last year and was intrigued by their “GoGa Mat” technology, which is the design of the soles. I decided to give the brand a try and bought my first pair of Skechers, the Go Walk 2 fit knit sneakers, last Spring. That pair is pretty beat up now so this month, I bought a further two pairs, ready for walking this year.


Seriously, these things are like having a kind of springy mattress on your feet, but without the clod hopper look. Talk about comfortable and for half the price of the usual brands of sneakers (or “trainers” as they are called here in England). I’ve done four mile walks in my Skechers and in another brand and the difference is amazing. I will have some soreness the next day, but it doesn’t last the way it does if I don’t wear the Skechers. And I don’t come back feeling like my feet are about to drop off the ends of my legs and my hips ready to call it quits for good. This is thanks to the high rebound cushioning of the Go Walk (the pink pair) and the Go Step (navy pair).

There is a couple of downsides to these sneakers; the uppers are neither robust or water resistant. I had little holes in fabric of my first pair before they were two months old. The soles also wear down pretty quick on pavement, hence the reason I bought two pairs this time. However, the comfort and support I get from them along with the smart styling are enough to overcome any reservations I might otherwise have.

I got two pairs for £114.00 at Next. Bargain in my books when you consider most name brands are near to that price or more for one pair, and you don’t get the foot comfort you need.




2 thoughts on “Review – Fitness and Comfort with Skechers

  1. I love walking but I sure noticed in NYC that the ol’ Docs were giving my feet a lot of grief after about six hours! I’m not really a ‘runners/trainers’ wearer though – I have a pair of black Vans but they have zero support. Some day I’ll have to find something I like to replace the Docs, I guess. 🙂


    • HI Lynne. It seems other people’s feet are very different from mine. I find Docs to be some of the most uncomfortable footwear ever. I don’t do heels very well either and admire women who seem to be able to trip around all day in 3 inch spikes.


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