Review – Indulgence with MuLondon


British organic brand MuLondon is celebrating the relaunch of its range of cleansers and moisturisers and founder Boris Zatezic very kindly sent me two of my favourites. The ingredients are the same; high quality essential oils and herbal extracts blended into bases of shea and coconut butter. The difference is the packaging with its clean, modern design and water resistant labels.


The water-free formula makes these moisturisers exceptionally rich. Any more than a small pea sized amount is too much. Something you find out if you ignore the instructions! Warm it between your fingers then spend a little time gently massaging the blend into the skin. The results will be worth it, I promise. The moisturisers can be used on both face and body and are something to consider if you are starting to get your skin into shape for the warmer weather. Rough heels and dry knees and elbows will rapidly disappear with regular application of one of these moisturisers. The use of essential oils also means your nose gets a treat as well! The scents are so relaxing and rejuvenating, its a shame I can’t do a type of virtual scratch and sniff for you.


There are three cleansers and six moisturisers in the MuLondon range so you will be sure to find a combination that is perfect for you or someone else.  MuLondon is vegan, cruelty-free and all ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Again, a big thank you to Boris for these two jars!



** product supplied for no-obligation use and review


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