The New MuLondon

If you aren’t already familiar with the British organic skin care brand, MuLondon, you are in for a treat. If you do know them, this post is welcome news. After eight years as “chief cream whipper”, found Boris Zatezic took Mu offline for a period and has now relaunched with new packaging and a new identity for the his high quality, organic skin care range.


The new packaging is clean and simple, much like the ingredients in MuLondon. The glass jars are sturdy with white lids and the labels are water resistant. As before, all ingredients in the range are organic, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced. The preservative-free, water-free formulas with essential oils mean a small amount goes a long way. Results speak for themselves; skin is nourished and renewed. Users with sensitive skin and skin conditions like eczema can find relief with MuLondon’s cleansers and moisturisers.

To celebrate the launch of the newly rebranded MuLondon, orders over £100.00 will receive one of the new, limited edition cosmetic bags. How pretty are these! unnamed

There is a cleanser and multi-tasking moisturiser, including a fragrance-free, for every skin type. Good luck choosing just one because they are all so wonderful. Stop by the website and follow MuLondon on Instagram and Twitter.


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