Review – Korres Wild Rose Compact

When you think of face powders, you could be forgiven for associating them with your grandmother, back in the days before the evolution of foundations, BB and CC creams. The image comes to mind of product that looks cakey when on and makes glaringly obvious any imperfections you might have. That is when it isn’t flaking off onto your top. I have a vague memory from years ago of  some women looking like that.


That certainly isn’t the case any more. Korre’s Wild Rose compact powder is an enriched botanical blend that gives a velvety, soft finish and visibly brightens the skin. The key ingredient is wild rose oil, which is rich in linoleic acid that moisturises and softens the skin. The high proportion of vitamin C in wild rose helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone.


This works beautifully over both foundation and bare skin. I have days when anything more than moisturiser just isn’t happening, but I need a little something to hide redness and brighten the complexion. This is especially true if I have been feeling unwell or not sleeping great. For the most part, I’m blessed with good skin and have a real aversion to putting a lot of product on it. This powder is just the ticket for giving my complexion a little lift and making it look fresher.


There are four shades to choose from; I have the lightest WRP1. There is a generous mirror and the compact powder on the first tier. This lifts and a second compartment contains a soft applicator sponge. I prefer to use a powder brush for application as I find it easier to control how much is going on and gives me the best finish.

Are you a powder user and if so, what’s your favourite?



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