Thoughts on a New Year

As if on cue, the television ads for Weight Watchers and Slimming World have popped up. The gyms and exercise clubs are close behind. Ever wonder how much money is wasted every New Year on well meaning, but largely unused gym memberships? No? Me neither. My philosophy on diet and exercises is simple – eat less, move more. I just need to practice what I preach a bit better. Moving on …..


Speaking of excess baggage, its become glaringly obvious that I’m never going to get back to some of the things I used to love doing like reading a book or writing a note to a friend, unless I curtail my online time. I still read, though nothing like the amount I used to. The writing aspect, and by “writing” I mean pen to paper, is almost a dead practice. I wrote Christmas cards to family in Canada this year, chancing that between Royal Mail and Canada Post, some might actually get delivered. I enjoy writing cards and sending and receiving them used to be a real highlight of any holiday or occasion. I had largely stopped doing it, telling myself that it was a waste of time and money. But this year I felt rather militant about the whole issue and decided I was reviving the custom. I plan to stick with it as long as physical mail still exists. There is nothing wrong with email, but I’m still Old School enough to feel that technology will never be able to give the personal touch that a handwritten card or letter does.

Its alarming how easily online activity eats into your time and with mobile technology, folks are outside with their heads down looking at phones. I did a little experiment in the Fall while waiting for a bus home from town. The bus stop was close to the small garden outside one of the local churches. There is space there to sit and enjoy the view, though no one I saw there was looking at anything but their phones. I counted six people in the area all doing this and waited to see if any of them looked up before the bus came. About eight minutes later the bus arrived and no one had looked up. Not even for a moment. I think that’s when I started assessing my own online habits and decided a change was very much in order.


In the meantime, my seriously talented friend Lynne over at Insomniac’s Attic, has designed and is offering a wonderfully gothic 2017 calendar absolutely gratis. All you need is a printer and off you go. Please note it doesn’t come with that beautiful cover she has designed for her own copy, alas. Included is all the really interesting stuff like the birthdays of the great horror movie authors and actors. various pagan observances and of course the Moon’s phases. She claims to have added some obscure dates like “Plan Your Own Ephitaph Day” and something about zucchinis …..




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a New Year

  1. Haha, obviously I should have read this post before I commented on the last one! I find it so sad how much people are missing out on life simply from being so absorbed in their phones. Even when travelling, it’s all about the good picture and not so much about appreciating what the picture is all about. I tried to only a very few photos when the youngest and I went to New York, and only use my phone to plot out walking maps. I feel like my personal FB page is the next thing to delete, although then I can’t find out about local markets etc. Still, the FB feeds are all so depressing lately. I’m still not sure how I feel about blogging any more either.

    Anyways, thank you so much for the planner shout-out Ali, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to find it! I KNOW I added Brambletyde to my Blogger reading list but I’ve tried adding it again today and it doesn’t seem to recognize it. Is it something to do with it being on WordPress? I don’t know – it’s all too complicated for me. lol

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