Its Beginning To Look Like Halloween


Halloween is becoming more popular in England, quite a bit more than it was when I first moved here in 2003. There’s a couple of small home haunts in the area now and you would never have seen that a few years ago.

I was in Sainsbury’s last weekend and was really impressed with the quantity and quality of the Halloween merchandise they had in stock. As a long time Halloweenie, it makes me happy to see this old, fun holiday being adopted in my adopted country.




I couldn’t decide if I loved or loathed this thing! Its about twelve inches high and is really cute as a stuffy. Then you press one of the hands and, well, see for yourself. Reminds me of those bizarre lobster decorations you can get in Canada that sing Christmas music. To quote a friend, “No….just, no….|” Anyway, I filmed the silly thing for your amusement.


There he is, looking cute enough, then ……………… How about you? What’s your take on Halloween?




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