Review – Piz Buin Suncare


While Summer is slowing packing her bags for another season, its not quite time to push your sun care products to the back of cupboard. I know quite a few people who have breaks booked for the Winter to climes hot and sunny too. According to Piz Buin, more than half of 18-24 year olds are hitting the beaches, here or abroad, but as much as a quarter of them don’t consider sun protection an essential.

Celebrating 70 years of sun care experience, Piz Buin would like to remind you that your choice of sun protection is as important as choosing your vacation destination. With a range of creams, mousses and lotions in various SPFs, there is a formula that will suit every complexion and holiday type.


Suncare by Piz Buin, nails are China Glaze in “Escaping Reaiity”, flip flops from Animal UK.

I really love the after sun tan intensifying moisture lotion. It hydrates beautifully while smoothing out your skin tone which helps to highlight your tan. And it contains “tanimel”, an ingredient formulated to help increase the production of your skin’s natural tanning pigments. It has a fresh scent that doesn’t linger or smell chemical at all. The Ultra Light Dry Touch fluid is lightweight, non greasy and sans white marks. I’ve become a big fan of spray sun protection this year and love the trend towards sprays that protect, hydrate and give your skin that gorgeous beach babe glow.

With so many choices, there is no excuse to take chances with your skin. Keep it protected. After all, it protects you.





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