One Heron, Two Heron

We got out for a long walk on Saturday, getting away from the noise and smell of the ever congested roads here and onto the paths that run along a canal near us. England has a long history with canals. At one time, they were an essential part of the transportation infrastructure, moving people, animals and goods up and down the country. Read more about the history of canals here on The Canal & River Trust UK site.

Today their use is almost entirely recreational and Summer is the best time to see narrow houseboats plying the canals and navigating the locks along them. Some people live on their boats year round, but I think for the majority its more of a vacation thing, like a trailer. You can walk and cycle along the paths that run along side the canals and its a favourite spot for dog walkers. Some people fish along them, though I think its predominantly catch and release fishing. Not sure I’d want to eat anything that came out of them. But I might be wrong about that.

I spotted two herons on our way back and was lucky enough to be able to film them. One was stalking prey under the branches that overhang the water. The other, in the video at the top, seemed more interested in gazing haughtily at passers-by. Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “One Heron, Two Heron

  1. We have them here in Colorado, too. One day I was walking by the neighbor’s house and there were two on their roof. I think it’s because they have a fish pond in their back yard. Herons are so pretty!


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