Review – Innarah Skin Care


If premium skin care brand Innarah is new to you, a bit of background might be in order. Innarah was created by pharmaceutical chemist, Manzoor Jaffery, who in 1992, was the first to discover the anti-ageing properties of glycolic acid (a favourite of mine!). He has developed formulas for companies such as Bliss and Immunocologie and has  over 40 years of experience in the cosmetics and dermatological industry.

Innarah‘s own range of products are formulated with proprietary blends of botanical oils and minerals. All chemical-free and designed to work with your skin’s own immune system. A complete list of their ingredients can be found here.  All Innarah products are non GMO, unscented, cruelty-free, eco-friendly (including the packaging) and organic where possible.

I have the pleasure of reviewing the VenoDefense Treatment Creme, which was on the finalist list at the Pure Beauty awards. VenoDefense is anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating. Reducing redness and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and leaving the skin feeling well supported.


After just two uses, both applications over serum, I can see and feel the difference. You get a lovely matte finish but with a touch of radiance, for lack of a better word. Where I especially see an improvement is on my neck and upper chest, both of which are beginning to show my age more with some crepiness and lack of tone. Pretty amazing for only two uses!  There doesn’t appear to be SPF in any of the moisturisers so you might want to keep that in mind when using them during the day.


The range has specialised products not just for mature skin, but for oily or blemish prone skin and includes cleansers, serums and moisturisers.

Innarah is a premium skin care range and like a premium brand, it is expensive. Expensive, but I think well worth it, especially if you are looking for something topical that goes that bit further. At the moment, Innarah are offering £30.00 off your order. Just enter the code UK30 at checkout.http-signatures-mylivesignature-com-54494-321-6db723d1156f10278580074a002bb7da




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