Flip Flops & (Temporary) Heatwaves


Yes folks, Summer has finally arrived after many weeks of stop and start! Last weekend the skies dried up (about bloody time too!) and it has gotten gradually warmer. And no, that’s not me in the photo. Not yet anyway……

This week we have had temps in the high 20s, hitting 33C in some parts. We both got impressive sunburns, not intentional and just the one day I hasten to add, and have been enjoying the novelty of sleeping above the covers.

The usual reverse whining by the natives (first “its too cold, where’s Summer?!”, followed by “its too hot!”) has settled back down as the temperatures have now dropped back to more tolerable values.

I was inspired to do some actual Summer clothing shopping. I tend to concentrate more on cold weather items, for obvious reasons. But I’ve broken out this week and picked up some things for myself that don’t have words like “fleece” “wool” or “down” in the description. I’m flying home to the Maritimes in August this year for a two week break, rather than October like I usually do, and I knew I was going to need a few things.

I’m in love with flip flops again. Not since childhood have I worn this type of sandal and there is no better brand than Animal. I bought my first pair last Summer,  the “Swish” soft model, and picked up another pair this week, along with a second pair called “Slims” which are a bit dressier. What makes them different is the suede footbed and toe posts. Nothing rubbing your feet raw or making them a smelly mess, which is too often the case with those horrible plastic things that unfortunately seem to be more the norm. Last year’s pair still have lots of wear left in them too. So nothing throw-away- after-one season with this brand.

Swish Soft - £14.00 on sale

Swish Soft – £14.00 on sale

Swish Slim AOP - £11.00 on sale

Swish Slim AOP – £11.00 on sale

The little cross body bag is exactly what I was looking for. Laura Ashley had one similar but it was a bit out of my budget. This one, called “Mindful”, is a faux leather and on sale for only £11.00

Mindful cross body bag

Mindful cross body bag

Animal is a UK001_animal_sunglasses_logo outdoor lifestyle brand, “action sports” they call it, and you will see a lot of surfers, climbers and biking enthusiasts on their social media. The neat thing about them though is you don’t have to be sporty or a particular age to wear and enjoy their clothing and footwear. All items are tested in the outdoors by their teams of sports enthusiasts (some of them are professionals in their fields) and only those meeting the tough criteria for quality and durability (not to mention good looks!) are offered for sale. How many companies can you think of that do that these days?

I have two maxi dresses coming;  a red number by Junarose, £30.00 reduced to £17.00, and a black floral one by Ax Paris, £45.00 reduced to £28.00. Both at SimplyBe.  I’ve got my trusty, years old-still looks great little jean jacket to go over them. I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress of any description so I’m really pleased with these little numbers. Have you bagged some seasonal buys this Summer?

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