Hello my lovelies! Yes we are actually into July, even if the jet stream doesn’t want to cooperate and it feels more like October today.  If you are in Canada or the U.S., you’ve just come off a wonderful long weekend with Canada Day on July 1st and the July 4th Independence Day celebrations. IMG_1512 I love July, mostly because there are several family birthdays in it (mine, my brother’sand my grandson Ben’s!)  and also because we are getting into the height of Summer. Fingers crossed the temperatures will start feeling like it too.

It was warm and sunny over the weekend so I got out to plant some more pots and containers for the backyard. Its wonderful to see the improvement just a year has made. We are slowly filling in the borders and hubby now has plans to build on a small conservatory and then decking around the remainder of the gravelled part of the backyard. Its got me excited to shop for small, squishy armchairs to put in the still-in-the-planning-stage conservatory. For those who might not be familiar with what a conservatory is, its just a fancy name for an enclosed porch. In England you usually have it wired so you can add light and warmth  for the colder months.


I have added a Hosta plant which will eventually have gorgeous blooms in August and September. But not this year I don’t think. The plant isn’t mature enough yet. My lovely neighbour Sandra gave me two of her transplanted Fuchsia trees, both of which went into the borders. The one in the container I bought along with Hosta. I couldn’t resist some new geraniums in salmon and deep pink. My old geraniums finally died off after several years of giving me pleasure with their colourful flowers, so some new plants were in order.






Call me optimistic, but I ordered a couple of new sun chairs for the back yesterday.  Might have to wear a coat while sitting out in them if the wind doesn’t change direction!

Regardless of where you are, have a lovely July and remember, for lots of mini posts, please follow me on Instagram.



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