Bringing People Together – Fort McMurray

You may have heard about the massive forest fires that are burning in northern Alberta, Canada. My brother and his family live and work in the Fort McMurray area which has been affected badly. Thankfully, everyone was able to evacuate safely and as of today their neighbourhood hasn’t been hit by the fires. At present, they are in Edmonton, which is south of  Fort McMurray, along with thousands of others who have had to leave their jobs and homes. My sister in law tells me it will be some weeks before they can go back to work.

The Red Cross has had $30 million in donations from across the country, all to go towards disaster relief in the area. The contributions by everyone, from individuals to corporations, has been really heartwarming. Hotels, restaurants, gas stations and retailers, even an airline offering free or heavily discounted goods and services. People volunteering and going door to door or pulling up on the main roads out of the area, with gas, food, water and other essentials for those who have been forced south.

When there seem to so many issues which divide us, it restores your faith in people to see just how united we really can be.


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