Its a typical long weekend in England with the weather being totally uncooperative. After you’ve lived here for a while you clue into that meteorological fact. Don’t plan any sort of outdoor activity over a British long weekend unless you are prepared for rain. Damp squibs not withstanding, we got out yesterday to tackle the overgrown weed patch that is the strip of shallow soil atop a weird mixture of broken concrete and stone that runs along the back fence.

We bought the house last Summer but this year is the first where we are making some inroads with the landscaping.  Yesterday we got all the weeds pulled up and the bricks that had been stuck in the ground to make a border of  the space were relocated to the back of the patch. I want the lawn to grow up onto this strip and am hoping a couple of applications of weed killer followed by some turf and grass seed will do the trick. What kills me about this is finding out from my neighbour that there was once a cottage garden on this land. An old lady had lived in the house for years and had grown a gorgeous mix of wild and cultivated flowers. Unfortunately, when she died, the house was sold and previous owners stripped out the garden in favour of some rather weedy lawn and what I think was at one time, a play space of some sort towards the back. Hence the strip of rock, busted concrete and weeds. But a cottage garden! Never mind. I plan on remedying that travesty.

We have bluebells! They only bloom for a brief period in late Spring, so we had no idea they were there when we moved into the house last year. They look really pretty, the three small clumps of them, along one side of the flower beds in the back yard. I saw some very long, slender green leaves come up in March and wondered what it was. Now we know. Bluebells grow wild all over England and its a sort of rite of Spring to see photos of them pop up all over the Net. I picked a handful from the roadside this weekend and now enjoy their distinctive scent in the bedroom. A new month and soon, a new season. Happy May!


Town & Country gardening gloves and Gardener’s Mate tools from Greenfingers. Photo taken yesterday – before the mud, dirt and weeds were tackled.


2 thoughts on “May

  1. Our little cottage has bluebells too. Until living here, I’d always particularly noticed the snowdrops, then crocuses and daffodils, and bluebells had passed me by. This year they seem to be everywhere I look, now that I am more aware of them. So beautiful.

    How lovely to think of you returning the garden to being a proper cottage garden. There’s nothing quite like fresh flowers in the bedroom is there? One of my favourite puttery treats!


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