Review – John Frieda Beachblonde

I’m a big fan of changing up your hair colour on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be drastic, just adding a few high or low lights or going a bit darker or lighter overall can really freshen up your look. I’ve been rocking the auburn a lot the past two or three years because the blonde shades I love so much just wasn’t doing my skin tone any favours at that time. I’ve been blonde in the past and really love the colour, so I gave it another try recently and I’m thrilled to discover I can carry it off again.

With that in mind, I was looking for some blonde specific hair care and remembered John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde range. While looking at that, I spotted their Beachblonde hair care products and bought the mini Cool Dip shampoo and Smooth Seas detangling conditioner from FeelUnique.


The Cool Dip purifying shampoo is well named. Your scalp gets a nice kiss of the mint and seaweed extracts that help to remove dirt and build up without stripping your hair of moisture. The Smooth Seas detangling conditioner is lightweight with a soft, minty scent and rinses cleanly. My hair looks and feels shiny and bouncy, something that I have been trying to achieve again. Hormonal unbalances can affect your skin, hair and nails quite a bit, so its wonderful to see things are settling down again. There is also a Kelp Deep Conditioning masque in the range that I haven’t tried yet, but do plan to.

I posted a review on the John Frieda website, telling them how happy I was with the Beachblonde I bought. They surprised me on Saturday when a package was delivered with more Beachblonde minis in it, including the sea salt spray. Wasn’t that thoughtful! These are going straight into my travel bag since I plan to buy the full size Beachblonde.

The right products can do so much to help things along so don’t be afraid to experiment. Get trial or mini sizes where possible if you don’t want to spend too much when trying something new.


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