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I don’t know what its doing where you are, but here in central England March is coming in like a lion. Wet, windy, mild(ish). Anyone know where that saying comes from ie: in like a lion out like a lamb and vice versa? The Old Farmer’s Almanac is usually good for that sort of country folk trivia, but I can’t find anything on their site. Daffodils are out everywhere and I have two vases of them in the house now. The colourful yellow trumpets really brighten up a room and they last for days.

Today is St David’s Day in Wales – this day commemorates the patron saint of Wales, St. David, who was born in the sixth century at Henfynw, Cardigan. St. David’s Day also celebrates the Welsh victory over the Saxons in 640. Legend has it that the clever Welsh farmers pinned leeks to their coats so they could recognize one another in the melee; the Saxons killed many of their own kind, not having such a sign to tell friend from foe. You’d have thought they would have clued in that some of the combatants were wearing vegetables as armour, but not being melee-savvy myself who knows…

When not fending off invading hordes of Saxons, I love using this member of the onion family in cooking. I’m not a huge onion fan, but leeks are the exception; leek and potato soup, lamb or chicken with leeks….I’m there. This recipe from Knorr, one of my favourite pantry staples, is easy to make and tastes wonderful on a cold, blustery March day. Don’t mind Mr White there. He always looks irritated.

As we push into Spring, officially arriving here on March 22nd I think, I’m looking ahead to Summer and Fall. Finally, after a decade of living just across the Channel from it,  I’m getting to Paris! We’re taking one of those luxury type bus tours for a long weekend in July. A day trip to Versailles is included, so I’ve been trolling the palace website in anticipation of seeing one of the most famous landmarks on the Planet.  I want to stand in the Hall of Mirrors, close my eyes and try to feel the vibe of a time long ago and one that I have read so much about over the years. 

Oddly enough, for all the opulence and excess Versailles brings to mind, I read an account from a woman who had lived in the palace before the French Revolution and who visited it again shortly after the Revolution ended. Her recollection was the smell, of all things. And it wasn’t a pleasant smell either. Apparently toilet facilities were few and far between in the massive structure, so visitors often found themselves in a desperate position, resorting to relieving themselves in one of the many corridors or stairways. Must have been a treat for the 18th century cleaners. We can only hope that situation has since been remedied.  Anyway, be prepared for me spamming my Instagram account big time with photos of getting to Paris and Versailles, messing around in Pars and Versailles and sulking all the way back from Paris and Versailles. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


And come October I am making my two yearly visit back to New Brunswick. Halloween will be part of the time there. I had such a good time celebrating Halloween with the grandkids two years ago, so the fourteen day trip has to cover October 31st. I’d like to make it a longer stay, but my p.a. business means I can’t abandon ship too long. A fellow p.a. is also expecting now and if all goes well, she wants me to cover a six month maternity leave for her, starting in … you guessed it…October. 

Uptown Saint John, looking from the West

Needless to say, its going to be a busy Winter from me so I’m planning on fitting in all the gadding about I can until November when I will more or less be chained to my desk. 

What’s the coming months looking like for you? 


One thought on “March

  1. Paris? I'm so jealous! I'll be watching your Instagram account for all your spam and experience Versailles vicariously through you. And the farmers over here are worried because the lack of snow means some of them are having to start trucking in water for their livestock. But it is only March – I'm sure we'll get more snow before May yet.


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