On My Kindle

I haven’t bought anything to read since last Autumn, a new record for me. I decided last year that I would finish the books I had before buying more. Not an easy thing for a compulsive bibliophile, but the book buying was getting out of hand.
It has also took me a long time to really appreciate e-readers like the Kindle, but now I love my Kindle Paperwhite. The only physical books I buy these days are the odd special interest or hardcover edition.

So this week, with the To-Read shelf empty, I took advantage of the sale of Kindle books on Amazon and here is what I bought.

Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor, by Anne Edwards. I’m a big fan of biographies and recently finished one about Queen Victoria. I find the Victorian and Edwardian eras fascinating so I decided I’d give this one about May of Teck, Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother, a try. The sample I downloaded convinced me I wanted to read more. 

The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott. If you like historical fiction like I do, you might be interested in this novel set on and off the doomed ocean liner Titanic. I picked this up in the sale and think it will be a good read.

The Iron Necklace by Giles Waterfield, Another historical fiction set against the First World War. The title is what caught my eye, though from reading the summary, I can’t for the life of me see how it relates to the story, but I expect I’ll find out. 

The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, Ok, if I have to explain this one to you, you have my sympathy. While I don’t normally go in for science fiction as a read, I have listened to the original 1938 radio broadcast and have seen both the 1953 and 2005 movies of the same name. So I thought why not. Read the book too!

A Room With A View by E. M. Forster I read this years ago (and yes, I loved the movie version by James Ivory), and decided to buy it to read again. I love this story of propriety and manners that nearly wrecks the lives of its characters. 

The Complete Little Women Series by Louisa May Alcott. All five of the novels for only 49p, thats about $1.00 Canadian, and who hasn’t read at least the first of these, “Little Women”. 

The whole lot for around £10.00. As the content on television gets worse with every passing year, I find myself returning more and more to books for both relaxation and stimulation. Are you a big reader? Do you use an e-reader? Got any favourites you’ve read lately? Let me know!


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