The Indoor Gardener

End of January coming up fast and February just around the proverbial corner. I figure another month and I’ll start seeing definite signs of Spring here in central England.

I’ve already got a list of plants I want for the scruffy backyard. I thought flowering shrubs for the sunny left side, hardier evergreen shrubs for the shady right side. The strip of mixed dirt, weeds and rock at the back is going to get a layer of wood chips laid on it. That will keep the weeds down, then I’ll get some large wooden planter boxes to go on to of it. Oh, and an umbrella type clothes line needs to be put in there somewhere.

In the meantime, I’m keeping myself going with indoor plants. I decided I would try to get into the habit of buying myself a bunch of cut flowers at least once or twice a month. Here’s the first batch;

Tulips in my office

When I was in Marks & Spencers last week, I picked up this pot of purple Hyacinth. Its starting to look like it will flower soon. There is a big pot of ivy behind it.

A client sent me a wonderful food hamper from Waitrose this Christmas. There was no way I wasn’t going to re-purpose the beautiful wooden crate it came in, so I made a display stand out of it. The potted Dragon Tree was on the floor. (I think its a Dragon Tree….) I’ve put on top of the crate. The tree was bought last Summer at Ikea and is doing really well on the second floor landing.

And last Autumn I finally replaced my very old geraniums with one new one indoors. I’m going to buy some more for the outdoor planters once they are available. I’m interested to find out what colour the flowers will be on this one since I haven’t seen it in flower as yet. I love geraniums; so easy to grow, lots of lovely colours and one plant will live for several years with a bit of care.

Are you an indoor gardener too? What are your favourite plants?


3 thoughts on “The Indoor Gardener

  1. The plans for your garden sound exciting, Ali! I don't blame you for using the crate – it's the perfect little stand for your plant. We aren't having much luck with growing things inside here as we seem to get a lot of spider mites. I think our really big palm is going to bite the dust soon, and all of the herbs except the mint had to be chucked. We've got one ivy, an African violet and a Boston fern that are still doing okay – for now. And I managed to kill my little terrarium I'd made by forgetting to water it before Christmas. I can't believe it's the end of January already!


  2. I've always been lucky with houseplants. Never had a problem with insects. Is there nothing you can do about the spider mites? And yes I know, February on Monday.


  3. We've tried spraying the plants with a mix of water, eucalyptus essential oil and just a touch of dish soap. It seems to get rid of the pesky things for a while but they just keep coming back. I don't know if it's because we have a lot of spiders out here, or maybe they just came with those plants and they're in the soil too.


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