The Waiting Room Finals

Well after January 3rd’s post about possible bad news on the boob front (that sounds odd doesn’t it…boob front…), I am very, VERY happy to report that the second round of tests have come back …..


It was something that isn’t uncommon with mammograms. Because the images are 2 dimensional and our tissue is 3 dimensional, sometimes a fold or crease in the tissues can look suspicious. In my case, this mammogram was compared to one taken three years ago and didn’t look right for that very reason.

Today I had a repeat mammogram with extra imaging, along with an ultrasound, and other than some of the breast calcifications I mentioned in the last post, the twins are in good shape. Losing the battle with gravity, but otherwise, no worries.

Remember ladies, monthly breast self examination and early detection are key, so no slacking.

Big shout out and thank you to the staff of the breast imaging department at New Cross Hospital for your good care and smiling faces.


6 thoughts on “The Waiting Room Finals

  1. I'm here! Where's the cake? Where's the champagne? LOL

    Actually, I'm glad you've moved back to Blogger. I tend to delete Bloglovin' emails and then forget you've posted until weeks later. I'll be more up to date on here – for sure! 🙂


  2. Read the T&Cs, is says “champagne and cake optional”. I'm glad I moved too. Its not like I've ever had a massive readership. In fact, I'd say you are my only regular, for which I am grateful. I suppose it might help if I wasn't so middle aged eh? LOL!


  3. Good heavens Ali, I'm so happy to hear the good results of the tests. I've been so lax in reading blogs and even blogging myself. I'm making a concerted effort to do both more. I hear New Brunswick had about 40 cm of snow recently.


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