Stop, Drop & Serve

I love starting a Sunday with a good chuckle and a snort of approval. I hope you will enjoy this blog post by Caroline Hirons about the crappy state of Customer Service entitled “Stop, Drop & Serve“. We all have stories of poor customer service and being able, like Caroline, to draw on experience from both sides of the counter, I sympathise with everyone involved.

Here’s an excerpt to perk your interest;

The Mr and I went into Debenhams on Thursday. This was one of the worst shopping/customer service experiences I’ve ever had. We’veever had.

Suffice to say it involved marching across the entire length of the shop floor to find someone that could actually serve us, almost begging them to take money off of us, card machines not working and us getting ‘sighs’ from staff who assumed we had simply overspent and were being declined.

For overseas readers – the UK has just introduced the 5p plastic carrier bag charge – when the transaction was completed the assistant pushed the products across the counter towards me and said nothing. No offer of a bag, no thanks, just pushed the products towards meand stood there.”

Please visit Caroline’s site for the full post. 


3 thoughts on “Stop, Drop & Serve

  1. Anybody who's worked in retail knows it can be a difficult job … lousy pay, nasty customers, etc. But it IS still your job and you ARE being paid to do it. But hey, I'm one of the very older generation, and I think my opinion on that differs greatly from the younger generation's. 😉


  2. Hi Lynne. The point about low wages and no guarantee of hours is very valid I think. I don't know if that has become the norm in Canada now too. Has it?



  3. Oh yes … even the very large companies like Safeway keep their staff just under the limit for hours required to have to give them benefits. Minimum wage just went up to $11.20/hour but so did rent and food, so it didn't help all that much. I feel for the younger generation – I really do. It's tough out there.


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