15 Days And Counting

How did we get to the middle of October so fast? Admittedly I have lost about a week due to health issues, but its all go again at the Fiendish Abbey. Yep, that’s what I call the place this time of year.

We don’t anticipate getting any TOT’s this Halloween. Again. Nothing new there. I think I’ve had a grand total of…….wait for it …….ONE! in the dozen years I have been living in England. You do see kids out in costume this month, but Halloween tends to be confined to parties held in schools and homes rather than going door to door. I still plan to have some treats in, just in case. Live in hope, die in despair or what eh.

And speaking of the dead, did you catch the premiere this week of Season 6 of The Walking Dead! Now thats what I’m talking about. Zombies. Loads of them. Wouldn’t it be a blast to be an extra in that show. I’d do it for nothing more than the opportunity to get done up professionally to look like a walker.

The rumour mill is in full operation about this season. Is Maggie pregnant? Will husband Glenn survive the season? Some new characters, including new groups of survivors are going to be introduced so that the show follows the graphic novels more closely. I haven’t read the novels, although my OH has them. If you have read them and are watching TWD as well, do you think the show mirrors the novels very well?

My two favourite Halloween treats are (well, used to be ) candy corn and Crosby’s molasses candy. The former is very difficult to find in England. The latter I”m not sure is made any more and I don’t see it on the company’s website.  Molasses seems to be a true Maritime product. It was always on the table at my grandmother’s house and tastes amazing on bread or pancakes. Molasses candy, good molasses candy, is soft and chewy and bursting with flavour.

Candy corn is just about the nicest soft Halloween treat after molasses candy. The colour alone shouts Fall and Halloween. It was first made in the latter part of the 19th century by a Philadelphia based candy company and was once called “Chicken Feed”.

I just call it delicious and pass the candy dish would you!


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