Jacks by Yankee Candle

I decided this year to make more effort to expand my tiny collection of Autumn/Halloween decor, concentrating mostly on pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns. Nothing evokes the season for me so much as the cheerful glow of an orange pumpkin, be it whole or carved into a handsome jack. Collecting is a bit more difficult here in England, since decorating for the Fall and Halloween tends to be pretty limited. Finding good quality items, whether new or second hand, can also be a challenge.

However, this weekend I found these tea light/wax melt burner ceramic pumpkins at one of the local card shops. Yankee Candle is a favourite brand with me. I have a few other of their seasonal items, and got lucky with the cost of the pair plus a box of spiced orange tea lights. The store was doing a promotion so I was able to save £5 on the total price.


If your a collector or simply love to find something new and seasonal, what’s your favourite places to go?


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