Happy Fall!

My favourite time of year has arrived once again! Time to put away the flip flops and get out the warm socks and sweaters. You can feel the difference lately. The wind is colder and more northerly, daylight is getting progressively shorter and while its still lovely and warm in the sun, it most definitely is NOT in the shade!

Halloween is that bit closer too. I love that holiday, notwithstanding that it is not really “done” here in England. I got my Fall and Halloween decorations out this week, ready to put up. I’m hoping we might actually get a trick or treater this year, seeing how we are in a new neighbourhood and there are lots of kids around. So Happy Fall everyone!


2 thoughts on “Happy Fall!

  1. Happy Fall Ali! I definitely have cold toes today, it's time to hunt out those warm socks! I love your new header picture, that coffee looks delicious 🙂 I have some fall decorations too this year.. mainly toadstools 🙂 xx


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