Halloween at Hotel Chocolat

Its getting to that time again. That time of year every Halloween fiend looks forward to – the appearance of seasonal goodies in stores and on-line.

This fiendishly sweet offering from upmarket chocolatiers, Hotel Chocolat, caught the eye of my daughter. Yes I know, £50 (that’s about $101 in Canadian dollars, $76 U.S.) is an awful lot for something you’ll probably gobble down in short order. But here’s the thing; if you read the description, it says there is a 24 carat gold skull on each wrapper. I figure the wrappers have literally got to be worth their weight in gold.


If that’s too rich for your blood, Hotel Chocolat has more goodies which won’t bleed you dry. And you definitely get what you pay for. Unlike most commercially made chocolate these days, Hotel Chocolat doesn’t use milk solids and other cheap fillers. Instead they use only best quality cocoa in high percentages. The result is a major rush for your taste buds and you actually eat less because your chocolate craving is satisfied with less.

How about some Oozy Eyes, a milk chocolate Skull Lick or a box of Choose Your Poison!



I can vouch for the quality, being a past customer of Hotel Chocolat, so if you are looking for something especially special this Halloween, give them a try.


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