St Mary’s Church and Graveyard

A month after moving in, I’m finally starting to get out and about more, exploring our new neighbourhood. Although the area is mostly residential, a suburb of the nearest city, it wasn’t always that way. Until the housing boom that followed the first World War, Bushbury was almost entirely rural and more than a century on, I’m happy to report that there is still lots of that in evidence.

Of course the first thing I spotted was the local Church of England diocese, St Mary’s. The church itself dates to the late eleventh-early twelfth century. Judging by the tumbledown state of the graveyard and the lack of graves younger than than the 1960s, I would say its no longer used for burials. It isn’t a large graveyard but despite the neglect, I found some wonderful examples of funerary art.

St Mary’s, Bushbury Lane, Bushbury WV10

The weather was perfect for exploring. I love rainy days when Summer is just about over and Autumn is knocking at the back door.

This marker was interesting. I don’t know what the relationship is between these people. Its touching that Thomas George was remembered like this. How many have gone to a war they didn’t start or even want, never to return….

I love the carving around the cross on this marker dated 1898.




 I wanted to spend more time here, but too late I’d forgotten to disable the wifi and Bluetooth on my phone. As a result the battery was just flat in no time, but I plan to go back again and see what other stories I can discover among the tombstones.



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